If they needed Him Just to serve tables…My reflection on Acts 6:3

If they needed Him Just to serve tables…My reflection on Acts 6:3
Published 2024-02-22 21:42:51

I realized that even to serve table in the early church, the fundamental requirement is the Holy Spirit. Just to serve table? This shows to me that to do anything in the house of God I need Him. I used to think that ministry of prayer and word are more spiritual than serving of table. I thought serving of table does not require much because anyone can do it until I understood this passage.

‘…choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom.’

The disciples did not appoint just anybody, even just to serve food in God’s house, the major requirement was the Holy Spirit. I never knew that even to sweep the church building floor or clean chairs in my father’s house, I need his spirit. This taught me a great lesson that in my father’s house no assignment is superior to another, pastor is not superior to Sunday school teacher, neither is prayer minister superior to a counsellor. The pastor is not even superior to the ushers as long as the fundamental requirement to work in God’s house is the Holy Spirit. As long as I have the Holy Spirit in me am qualified to do anything in my father’s house. I realized that the apostles made the appointments just for administrative purpose, not to proof superiority over the rest, they did not appoint them to serve food because they were less educated.


My prayer

 If the disciples needed the Holy Spirit just to serve tables, Lord! Let me not forget you in whatever assignment given to me in your house, no matter how small, simple or insignificant. Let me always receive it with thanksgiving and do it with your spirit, let me never reject any assignment in my father’s house because it seems not lucrative, let me always see it as a privilege. If men needed Holy Spirit just to serve tables then I need him to do all things. Lord! Help me not to forget this truth.                                                                        

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Folabi OJO is a trained Christian Educationist. He holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Christian Education from West Africa Theological Seminary, Nigeria. (ACTEA accredited). His passion is to see the mandate of missions fulfilled in the life of everyone- Discipleship.

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Abigail 2024-04-05 10:27:43

I AM LIFTED. More grace sir. That means inrespective of our department or post held we need more of the Holy spirt to do greater exploit in Gods kingdom.

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