I went up by revelation

I went up by revelation
Published 2021-12-12 00:34:17

I noticed that at the threshold of every year people will make one resolution or the other. Some will say, “this year I will not smoke, …”,several I-wills and I-will-nots. They call it “new year new resolution”

I don’t have problem with this at all but why will you make resolutions on the same thing every year? The one you made last year, how far did you go with it? You said you will not procrastinate this year but didn’t you? What is the essence of resolution you make because you are under the influence of ending of the year fever that catches people on watchnight or what you call crossover service?

I charge you friends, you don’t need resolution this time. Resolution on what you are ignorant of is a wasting of time. If anybody tells you to jump up at watchnight service and shout happy new year with a mere resolution you’ve just gone to catch fun of the moment.

Let me show you a discovery am praying about for my life this day. Are u still reading?

A man called Paul in the Bible wrote to the Galatians church, he said,

l went up by revelation…(Galatians 2:2)

he didn’t say by resolution. The NIV says,

I went up in response to a revelation…
Look at Paul, he didn’t go by funfare, he refused to go by mere shout of hallelujah, not by resolution, he responded to a vision. For next year what do you see? Those who are telling you to come for 30days vigil can never see for you, you must see for your life because it is what you see you become. That means if you see nothing, then you become nothing.

I went up…

This shows to us that it is the revelation of God in his words that moves you up, not your personal resolution. When you are going to a strange land you dare not rush because you are stranger, the only thing we need as we look forward for this strange year is revelation, let God open our eyes, then we shall move up above all predicaments.

Do you want to go up in the coming year, don’t make any resolution, let God open your eyes and guide you, then you will know what to do. Enough of empty noise every new year eve.

I know your church would’ve organized a power packed prayer meeting for you, if you must go, please let your prayer be, “father open my eyes”. Do not waste that critical moment of the year.

Say with me, I am going up “by revelation”.

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Folabi OJO is a trained Christian Educationist. He holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Christian Education from West Africa Theological Seminary, Nigeria. (ACTEA accredited). His passion is to see the mandate of missions fulfilled in the life of everyone- Discipleship.

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